Video of Shanghai taxi driver burning up road goes viral

The video, originally uploaded on Twitteron June 12by a Japanese netizen “sugary_pixie”, who wasthe taxi’s passenger at the time.

A video of a speeding Shanghai taxi driver burning up the road has gone viral online.

The video, originally uploaded on Twitter by a Japanese netizen “sugary_pixie” on June 12, was the taxi’s passenger at the time.

“Sugary_pixie” had come to the city to celebrate the first anniversary of Shanghai’s Disneyland. But the Japanese tourist got more than she bargained for when returning to the airport. Astonished by the speed in which she was travelling, the visitor decided to shoot a video of her unforgettable experience.

The Japanese traveller described the ride on Twitter as being in a car race, given the speed in which the driver weaved in and out of the other cars he passed on the road.

The video soon went viral on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter.

One Chinese netizen observed that most Chinese passengers are now used to such high-speed taxi driving, although he did admit that it would appear scary to foreigners in the city.

Another social media user joked that the tourist should have no complaints. She got an F1 experience for a reasonable price.

Other Chinese neitizens doubted the passenger said “scary” in Japanese, as the interpretation sounds like “speeding up” in mandarin Chinese.

The Shanghai Morning Post reported that the driver, surnamed Zhou, in his 50s, had received a speeding ticket from the traffic police a week before.

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