Video of a man crying after refusing an injection goes viral

It hurts!

A video showing a hysterical man crying because he had to receive an injection after being bitten by a dog has gone viral.

The man had to attend hospital to receive a tetanus shot just in case the dog was rabid. But when he saw the young nurse prepare a needle to stick into his arm, he became distraught.

He questioned: "How long have you given injections?"

His friend nearby tried to comfort him while two other hospital visitors moved away from the panic-stricken man, who withdrew his arm from the nurse trying to inject him.

The man began to shout and cry: "I don't want to take an injection. I'm scared."

He screamed louder when he was being injected while leaning against his friend.

The video evoked a huge reaction on social media. Most netizens were humored by the man's exaggerated reactions. One called him a "huge infant" while another joked, "he's a man but a little princess lives in his heart." Not all web users were cruel, however, and a few showed some compassion for the man who clearly had a phobia of needles. One netizen stated, “it had nothing to do with the courage or gender.”

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