Breakfast accident warms hearts of romantic netizens

An explosive incident was thankfully avoided after a girl dropped her breakfast on a passing delivery driver.

A girl, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, accidentally spilt her breakfast congee on the head of a food delivery man as she tried to close a window on the No.21 Bus on Tuesday. The bag carrying her congee split and landed on the helmet of a delivery man who just happened to be passing by on his motorcycle.

The furious man stopped the bus and climbed on-board to confront his assailant but was immediately stopped in his tracks by a girl apologizing profusely. She explained the cause of the accident and offered to pay compensation for any damage.

Satisfied with the girl’s explanation the man got off the bus and quickly returned with his own breakfast and presented it to the clumsy girl.

The incident, which was shared on social media, warmed the hearts of many online netizens.

One romantic web user even joked: "The girl and the delivery man should be together."

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