Female hero let off traffic violations while saving injured man

Police excuse traffic violations incurred while woman rushes unconscious crash survivor to nearest hospital.

A woman from Jiaojiang, who happened across a traffic accident and decided to help rush an unconscious moped driver to hospital, was let off the traffic violations incurred during her dramatic dash.

A man in his 20s was seriously injured when his moped collided with a truck in Yanjiang Town, Linhai on July 12. The accident occurred 40 minutes’ drive away from the nearest ambulance access so the woman, surnamed Zhu, decided to rush the blood-covered man to hospital herself.

Onlookers helped her carefully place the man in the back of her car before she began her dash to the nearest hospital.

Zhu became increasingly flustered as she was unfamiliar with the roads in the area, at one point missing an expressway turnoff where she had arranged to meet an ambulance. The man soon woke up, groaning in pain, which only added to her anxiety.

At 6:35am she saw a police car and stopped for help. Police then proceeded to form a lights and sirens motorcade to help her reach hospital as fast as possible with the injured man.

Female hero let off traffic violations while saving injured man

After arriving at the hospital, police needed to leave to attend another emergency. When they returned the woman had gone on her way, without leaving her name or contact details.That was when police turned to CCTV footage to track her down, which is when they also discovered her mad dash to the hospital had led her to break the road rules on three occasions.

Understanding that the driver was doing her best to help save the life of a young man, police felt her behaviour should be commended and not punished.

All charges were dropped and the woman was thanked for her heroic behaviour.

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