Grandpa walks 60km to deliver food to working grandson

By the time the old man in his 80s was discovered walking on the expressway by police, he had already been trekking for 12 hours.

An elderly man from Jinsha, Guizhou Province walked 60 kilometers just to take eggs to his grandson who was working outside.

The man, in his 80s, was worried that his grandson in Zunyi wasn't eating well, so he decided to take a massive trek in order to deliver dozens of eggs to him. To save money he decided against going on the bus, instead leaving home on foot at 7am on Monday.

He was stopped by police when they found him walking in the fast lane of Hangrui Expressway with a basket on his back. By that stage he had already walked 12 hours and covered 60 kilometers.

Police then took him to find his grandson, who was unaware of the elderly man's mammoth trek. He said he would take his grandpa to enjoy a great meal.

Though most netizens commenting on the story were greatly touched by the elderly man's selfless love for his grandson, some web users pointed out that his behavior was perhaps a little dangerous, as "pedestrians are prohibited from using expressways."

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