Free 'filial' parking spots created to encourage weekend parent visits

A neighbourhood in Hangzhou offers free weekend parking spots for car owners who come to visit their parents, but some worry the spaces will be abused by cheapskates.

A residential complex in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, has set up special discounted parking spaces for those who visit their parents during weekends, in a bid to encourage children to see their folks more often, reported on July 18.

The 18 so-called “parking spaces for filial piety” will be put into use by the end of this month.

Those who come to visit parents aged 60 years and over can enjoy free parking for five and a half hours, provided they reserve a spot with the property manager in advance.


The parking spaces — painted with cartoon images of families — will operate from 8am to 7pm every Saturday and Sunday in the residential complex of Cuiyuan Neighborhood, West Lake Area.

Car owners first need to apply to the community management company with registration information including their residential address, car plate number and contact details, as well as their parents’ ages.

There are currently about 600 parking spaces in the complex, however the number of cars owned by tenants numbers around 800, according to the community staff.


Online opinions were mixed towards the policy — some netizens said it was a kind-hearted plan, while others expressed their disappointment that even a simple visit to parents needs some kind of incentive nowadays. Others expressed concern that some may lie about visiting their parents simply to enjoy free parking.


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