Motorcyclist runs over boy, ditches him on way to hospital

A motorcycle rider is wanted by policeafter he ran over a young boy and ditched him near a bin after promising to take him to a nearby hospital to check his injuries.

A motorcycle rider is wanted by police in Chenggu, Shaanxi Province after he said he'd take a boy he ran over to hospital and then threw him beside a garbage and fled instead.

A witness, surnamed Zhang, said the boy was hit by a red motorcycle shortly after he came out from a food market at Shijiaba Community on July 18. The boy fell down and his left leg was run over by both wheels of the motorcycle.

The injured boy kept crying and looking for his mother while lying on the ground. Though he said his mother was just selling food nearby, onlookers didn't recognize him and failed to locate his mother.

Zhang said that, as it was raining when the incident occurred, he failed to clearly see the facial features of the rider who was probably in his 40s and wearing a green raincoat and sunglasses.

The parents of the boy hadn't shown up about ten minutes after the incident, so the rider carried the injured boy on his motorcycle and said he would take him to the hospital himself.

Onlookers believed him but were shocked to discover the injured boy by a garbage bin on a secluded road 2 kilometers away from where the incident occurred.

A passing villager happened to see the rider trying to squeeze the boy into the bin. As the bin was too full at the time, he immediately threw the boy beside it and fled.

Village cadres rushed to help by calling police and ambulance and contacting the boy's father.

The father, who was in Xining, Qinghai Province, soon called his wife who owns a new store in the food market. The woman said the day of the incident was the first day of her store's soft opening at the market, so she was too busy to pay too much attention to her five-year-old son.

The boy, who suffered a fracture in his left leg and received several scratches, is recovering in hospital, however doctors said the fracture may lead to further complications.

The police are searching for the motorcyclist and are offering a reward of 2,000 yuan to anyone with information that leads to his capture.

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