Woman sitting on boyfriend's lap fined, detained for driving without a license

Man teaching woman to drive by having her sit on his lap behind the wheel has license revoked, while his lover is fined heavily and locked up for 15 days.

A woman sits on her boyfriend's lap while driving.

A woman driver who sat on her boyfriend's lap while behind the wheel was fined and detained yesterday for driving without a license.

Police found the woman sitting on the lap of a man in the driver's seat of a pickup around 1am yesterday at Kaili Economic Development Zone in southwest China's Guizhou Province.

They confessed that they are lovers and the man said he was teaching her to drive as he thought there would be no traffic police so early in the morning.

The woman was fined 1,000 yuan and put into a detention house for 15 days for driving without a license. The man's driving license was also revoked.

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