Parent stores baby in locker 'for convenience'

A video which shows the moment a baby is removed from a locker has sparked outrage online, with netizens condemning a parent who allegedly locked the child up to save hassle.

A horrifying video showing the moment a baby is pulled out of a locker has sparked outrage among Chinese netizens.

The incident reportedly took place at a bathing place where a parent left a toddler in the locker, apparently because it was not convenient to look after the child while taking a bath.

When a staff member opened the door she couldn't believe her eyes, holding her chest in shock.

It is unclear how long the baby had been in the locker. Fortunately, the child suffered no serious injury in the incident.

Chinese netizens criticized the parent for "irresponsible" and "selfish" behavior. One web user said, "How can a parent do such a thing?! The child was very likely to be suffocated." Another commented, "What a terrible parent and what an absurd incident! Babies are not objects."

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