Disabled artist wows the world with her award-winning paintings

A disabled artist from Zhejiang Province has wowed the world, and the internet, with her delicate paintings of maids, landscapes, birds, and flowers.

Wang Yuting, a disabled woman from Quzhou city in western Zhejiang Province, who can only move her hands about five centimeters, has touched the Internet with her delicate paintings.

The 39-year-old dropped out of school and studied at home after she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when she was 13 years old. She has devoted all of her effort to painting since then, up to seven hours a day.

But creating art is a family effort, with Wang’s mother helping her set up paper, grind ink and put the paintbrush in her hand before she begins painting. Her mother also helps her move the paper while Wang is painting, due to her limited mobility.

Usually three or four months are spent on a painting, which might take a fully able person a week or ten days to complete. Her paintings have been exhibited and won awards both at home and abroad.

Wang has finished almost 200 paintings of beautiful maids, figures, landscapes, birds and flowers. She has also donated 376,000 yuan (US$55,922) of proceeds from the auction of her paintings to a charity for helping impoverished college students.


Wang and her mother check out some of their work on exhibition.

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