Woman dances while driving to celebrate passing test, video of incident leads to disqualification

A woman has become an Internet sensation after a video of her dancing behind the wheel after she passing a driving test went viral, even though it led to her test being voided.

A woman from Ya’an city of southwest China’s Sichuan Province has become an Internet sensation after a video of her dancing in the driver’s seat after she passed her driving test — often with no hands on the steering wheel — went viral online.

She seems to have forgotten that the car was fitted out with cameras, and her test was being broadcast live back to all the examinees in the testing center. Her good test results were soon voided as her act was considered hazardous by the city’s traffic department, as Chengdu Business News reported.

The woman is said to have regretted her behavior and burst into tears after learning the news.

As the two-minute video clip shows, the twenty-something woman became excited after she passed a quarter turn test and began to wave her hands and sing to herself, expertly changing poses at least five times while driving slowly back to the parking area.

She will take the test again after August 11, no doubt in a more subdued and safe manner.

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