Family of five ignore dangers, cram on single electric scooter

A Henan family of five talked and laughed while crammed on an electric scooter together in the fast lane, greatly shocking passing drivers.

Five people talked and laughed while riding on an electric scooter together in the fast lane in Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou on August 6, which shocked passing drivers and riders.

The woman on the back seat told a passing cyclist that they are a family — her husband is driving and the other three are her two daughters and 13-year-old son.

When the father's mobile phone rang, he removed his hand from a handlebar to take out his phone.

Though someone reminded him about the dangers of overloading mixed with high speed, he just smiled without saying anything and accelerated away.

After the video circulated online, Chinese netizens also criticized them for their blatant lack of safety awareness. Someone said,"So crazy! The family used the scooter as a car." Another exclaimed, "What an irresponsible couple — they were putting the lives of themselves as well as their children at risk." 

Others were mad that the couple were not only putting themselves at risk, but also those around them should they have an accident.

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