Woman asks courier to help buy sanitary pads, Internet has a melt down

A woman asked a delivery man to help buy and deliver a packet of sanitary napkins for her, which sparked controversy among Chinese netizens.

A woman shared her funny story online about how she recently was forced to ask a courier to go and buy sanitary pads for her, and then deliver them to her work. But the Internet didn't support the woman, calling her impolite.

She sent a message to a courier at SF Express, asking him to help buy a packet of sanitary napkins on his way to her office. The courier was already en route to meet her to pick up a parcel she was sending.

The messages between the female customer and the courier.

Though the courier first replied with a 'sweating' emoji, he soon agreed to help her out, but was stymied when the two brands she mentioned weren't available. After the customer decided any brand would do, he promptly delivered the pads to her work place.

However, many netizens criticized the woman for her request and remarked that she was somehow impolite.

The woman felt angered by these comments and added in the post that she was at work that day and she was just too busy so she asked the courier for help. She said the courier absolutely could have refused if he wasn't willing to help her out. She also claimed that she said "thanks" to him for the help.

But netizens didn't accept that explanation and questioned why she didn't ask her female colleagues for help. 

A web user summed up the experience as "an audacious request and an unexpected service."

In the end, the courier driver received the highest rating from his customer, five stars.

A screenshot showing the customer giving five stars (highest rating) for the courier's service.

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