Man laughs while watching 'comfort women' documentary, attacks audience member

A man in Shanghai laughed when he was watching a comfort woman documentary "Twenty-two" in Caoyang Cinema on Monday evening, which triggered outrage and an assault.

The man in black laughed when watching the comfort women documentary.

A man in Shanghai laughed loudly while watching a documentary about so-called "comfort women" — Chinese women captured by Japanese during their invasion in World War II and forced to work as sex slaves — in Caoyang Cinema on Monday evening.

Two audience members sitting beside him during the screening of "Twenty-Two" tried to stop him as they thought his actions showed a lack of respect. However, the man soon stood up and replied, "It's none of your business!"

The man became more angry after he heard another female audience member scolding him. He threw his drink and popcorn onto the head of the woman and said he wanted to beat her.

His behavior triggered outrage among audience members who soon rushed to pull them apart.

The documentary, featuring the story of 22 Chinese "comfort women," premiered in cinemas on Monday, which also marks the International Memorial Day for "comfort women."

Since the film's completion, more of the 22 have passed away, the latest being Huang Youliang who was 90-years-old.

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