Owners criticized for letting pet dog use public tableware

Photos showing a pet dog lapping milk tea from public tableware at a shopping mall in Dalian, have sparked controversy on social media.

Photos showing a pet dog lapping milk tea from public tableware have sparked controversy on social media.

The incident happened at noon on August 19 at the gourmet emporium of Pavilion Mall in Dalian.

A witness, surnamed Dong, said the female owner poured milk tea on her hand to feed the dog at first. But the man she was dining with said, "Just pour the milk in a bowl, it will be much easier."

The woman then took a small vegetable bowl from the table and used it to feed her dog.

As a video circulated online shows, the dog was lapping milk tea from the bowl which was placed on a chair while the woman and the man enjoyed their meals, during which time no staff intervened.

Chinese netizens, even dog lovers, criticized the pair for being "selfish" and showing "a lack of social morality."

A web user said, "You can eat or even sleep with your pet dog, it's up to you. But all those things should occur in your private sphere and not a public place. The bowl will be recycled for the next unsuspecting diner. How unhygienic is that?!"

Another commented,"I am also a dog owner and I pamper my pet at home as well. But whenever going out, I must prepare a bottle or a bowl especially for my dog. The two dog owners [in the video] should improve their attitudes."

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