Man spitting on Metro triggers Internet fury

A video of a man spitting on a metro train along Shanghai’s Metro Line 9 on September 2 has gone viral, with netizens saying the man lacked morals.

A video of a man spitting on a Metro train along Shanghai’s line 9 on September 2 has gone viral, with netizens condemning the man’s actions and calling his behavior "intolerable".

According to the video shot by a fellow passenger, the man in black spits on the ground in a metro train while looking at his mobile phone with earphones.

He spits a total of three times within a minute and a half without listening to dissuasion coming from a fellow male passenger. Instead, he refuted by asking the passenger how many properties he owns in Shanghai. Other passengers criticized the man’s actions as well.

Netizens commented that asking how many properties one had in the city had nothing to do with spitting on the floor or a sense of justice. The man was accused by netizens of having "a lack of public morals".

The Metro operator said the man could face a fine of up to 500 yuan (US$76). They also suggested passengers could call 021-64370000 to report such behavior in the future.

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