Newly-wed cuts wedding photoshoot short to perform CPR

A warm-hearted nurse in Chengdu, Sichuan Province took a break from her wedding photoshoot to help an unconscious woman who had nearly drowned in a river.

The hero nurse, Qiu Yu, explains what happened.

A newly-wed nurse busy taking her wedding photos in Chengdu, Sichuan Province cut short her photo shoot to help a woman who nearly drowned in a river on September 6.

A woman, about 30 years old, jumped into the river near Dongmen Bridge in an apparent suicide attempt. A young man in his 20s who happened to be passing by jumped into the water and pulled her out.

The woman was unconscious but a nurse nearby taking wedding photos, rushed to her aid, opening the airway and performing CPR. An ambulance arrived soon after and took the woman to hospital.

It was reported that the woman probably attempted suicide due to family conflicts. 

Chinese netizens applauded the young man and the nurse for their kindness, and called the nurse, who is two months pregnant, "the most beautiful bride".

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