Deliveryman fired for swapping soup with urine

A delivery man in Chengdu was fired after he replaced soup that a customer cooked for her husband with urine on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

A delivery man in Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, was fired after he replaced soup that a customer cooked for her husband with urine on Qixi Festival — or the Chinese Valentine’s Day — which fell on August 28 this year, an act that he described as “mischievous”.

A woman spent 52 yuan (US$8) to have an intra-city flash delivery service deliver red bean soup to her husband, surnamed Tan, who had worked overtime all night for two consecutive days. The service guarantees a delivery in the city within 60 minutes.

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Tan sniffed something unpleasant when he opened the soup stored in a braised beaker. He learned the soup was unlikely to have gone bad after he called his wife and she told him it was freshly cooked. 

Tan called the delivery company to complain and later received a call from the delivery man, Xiao Tao, who admitted that he had eaten the soup and added urine into the beaker. Xiao has attempted to transfer 420 yuan of cash via WeChat as a compensation for the beaker, neglected by Tan.

Xiao used another courier's account to deliver on the day, and said he drank the soup as he couldn't find water at the time. 

The delivery company reconnected with Xiao on September 8 after he lost touch for more than ten days. The company’s operation director said it was "the weirdest and worst incident that's ever happened since the company was established”, and apologized to Tan face to face on September 9.

The company operators also plan to apologize to Tan, together with Xiao, and they promise tightened management of delivery accounts.

Tan has already reported the incident to the police, and an investigation is underway.

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