Woman banned from boarding flight after hiding lighters in bra and bag

A woman was banned from boarding a plane after she was found hiding lighters in her bra and handbag at Xuzhou Guanyin Airport.

A woman was banned from boarding a plane at Xuzhou Guanyin Airport after she was found to be hiding lighters in her bra and handbag.

The detector sounded an alarm when a female security inspector was checking the 59-year-old woman at the airport's security area on September 12. The woman was forced to take out a lighter that she had hidden in her bra.

After she was fined 200 yuan for her violation, she went through the security check again.

However, another lighter was found wrapped in tissue paper and hidden in one of the compartments of her handbag.

The woman, who was scheduled to take a flight to Taipei with her husband, explained that she decided to hide the lighters to enable her husband, who's addicted to cigarettes, to smoke as soon as he got off the plane.

She was disqualified from boarding the flight as punishment and further investigation is ongoing.

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