Man takes 89-year-old mom on epic road trip

A 54-year-old man surnamed Duan, from Chongqing, took his 89-year-old mother Yang Maocai on a ten-day road trip, and she shared pics on WeChat along the way.

A ten-day road trip taken by an 89-year-old and her son — and shared on WeChat — has struck a chord online.

A 54-year-old man from Chongqing, surnamed Duan, took his 89-year-old mother, Yang Maocai, on an epic road trip starting October 4.

The pair departed from Chongqing and drove all the way north, dropping by Inner Mongolia, Gansu Province and Qinghai Province, a journey spanning thousands of kilometers.

Duan said his mother was as happy as a child, which was a huge relief since he was worried she might feel burnt out part-way into the epic journey.

On the contrary, he said she was in "great spirits" for most of the way, and was even more energetic than she normally is at home.

Yang shared her travel moments on her WeChat account, prompting many warm responses.

Netizens applauded Duan for his "filial piety" and noted that "the destination isn't the important thing, it's caring for your parents".

Others admired Yang's good health and stamina. 

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