Man receives surprising call from food delivery guy

The man was overseas and definitely hadn't ordered any food, so he was shocked to receive a heart-wrenching call from a Meituan food delivery guy...

A man from Dalian who was overseas on a work trip recently received an unexpected call from a food delivery guy. No, and Meituan haven't started delivering tasty treats overseas - the courier had his missing 6-year-old son.

The man, surnamed Sun, at first refused to answer the call from an unknown number, but he decided to pick up when the caller tried again. The stranger on the other end told him, "I'm a food delivery man, and I have your missing son." 

Sun didn't believe him, not least of all because he hadn't been told his son was even missing. But he soon realized the man on the other end of the phone was telling the truth after he checked with his family.

Sun's wife had taken their son to visit a friend that day, and at some stage the boy had gone outside alone and lost his way. 

His first instinct was to approach a food delivery man for help.

Luckily, the couple had taught the boy to remember their phone numbers for just such an occasion. 

The food delivery man, Shi Mengnan, still had lots of hot food to deliver so he organized with his team leader to leave the boy safely at the delivery station to wait for his family to come and collect him.

The team leader, Wang Zichao, said they only did what anyone would do. "Nobody would leave a child alone in such a situation."

The boy's family took some fruit to the crew afterwards to thank them for their help.

Man receives surprising call from food delivery guy
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