College student cycles 500 kilometers on shared bike

Two college students from Zhengzhou spent five and a half days cycling more than 500 kilometers from Zhengzhou to Wuhan, one of them on an ofo bike.

A college student from Zhengzhou cycled more than 500 kilometers, from the capital of central China's Henan Province to Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, on a shared ofo bike.

Yang Qi, a junior student at Zhengzhou Electric Power College, sent a post online asking if any fellow cycling enthusiasts wanted to join him on his epic journey. A senior female student from Henan University of Technology agreed, although she chose to use a mountain bike.

The pair started their journey on the No. 107 national highway at 10am on October 1, and then cycled for eight hours each day, sleeping in hotels along the route.

Five and a half days later they arrived at their destination. The same journey takes almost six hours by car.

After arriving in Wuhan, Yang parked his ofo bike up at Wuchang Railway Station and trained back home on October 7.

He said that shared bikes can rarely achieve speeds higher than 15 kilometers per hour, and that they were forced to walk their bikes at some points because of tricky terrain. 

He suggested anyone wishing to emulate the pair's journey use a mountain bike.

The bike sharing company said that intercity cycling is technically allowed, but only if both cities subscribe to the service.

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