High-tech dorm room gets "A-OK"

The dorm room of four tech students got the "A-OK" from their school's admin after it was made over into a high-tech playground, gaining fans on campus and online.

The dorm room of four junior art and design students has been given the "all clear" by school administrators after its high-tech upgrades caused a buzz online. 

Netizens have nicknamed the room "the dorm from the future" after the four students living there turned it into a sci-fi lovers' dream.

The Beijing Institute of Technology's College of Art and Design made a thorough inspection of the room and deemed it "safe" after its occupants spent two weeks renovating the space to be more like a spaceship than a dorm room.

One of the students said the room was designed to look like a space capsule, with inspiration from the Star Wars films. "We developed the technology to make life a little easier," Deng Yadong said.

Some of the features of the room include projected keyboards, a robot trash can, and remotely controlled air conditioning which can be set from either of the students' phones.

College authorities said they encourage other students to bring their ideas to life in the dormitory, as long as their upgrades are "safe".

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