Live streaming nurses in pink suspended from duty

Live streaming nurses scoffed at viewers who suggested broadcasting while working might be dangerous: "We're too professional!"

Two intern nurses have been indefinitely suspended after live streaming to hundreds of netizens while performing their duties.

The nurses, based in the urinary surgery department of Yulin No. 1 Hospital in Shaanxi Province and dressed in pink uniforms, attracted more than 400 viewers during their hour-long broadcast.

One of the pair urged viewers to 'follow' their account on the live streaming platform and took off her mask several times.

Ironically, one viewer warned the nurses not to broadcast during work time, suggesting that they might make mistakes when dispensing medicine. "That won't happen, we're too professional," she replied.

The broadcast inspired heated debate among netizens, with some saying it was "no big deal" streaming from work, while others argued that nurses should behave meticulously on the job and treat the medical profession with respect.

It is not yet know when the pair in pink will resume their roles at the hospital.

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