Burglars filmed cleaning home after robbery

Two burglars wearing white masks and gloves meticulously cleaned a home they just robbed to remove all trace, but they were nabbed anyway after it was all caught on camera.

Two burglars went to great lengths to meticulously clean a Shanghai home they had just robbed, including mopping the floor to remove footprints. They didn't count on being filmed in the act, though.

It all began when a man surnamed Wang, living in Nanqiao Town of the city's Fengxian District, reported that jewelry and other valuables were missing from his home. There were no obvious signs of a burglary. 

But when the security footage was viewed, two men wearing white masks and gloves were seen in the house stealing property, before giving the place a spring clean. They fled with their loot and met two other men waiting in a getaway car.

The four suspects have all been arrested by police.

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