15 drivers lift car to save trapped man

A video showing 15 drivers leaving their vehicles and rushing to save the life of a cyclist who was trapped under a car touched the hearts of Chinese netizens.

A video showing 15 drivers at an accident scene leaving their vehicles to help free a trapped man has touched the hearts of Chinese netizens.

The incident happened at an intersection in Suzhou's Wujiang District at around noon on November 7 when a three-wheel motorbike rider collided with a car and was then run over, trapping him underneath.

Passing motorists then stopped and immediately rushed to the scene to help.

The 15 drivers were able to successfully lift the vehicle, weighing about 1.5 tons, within three minutes, freeing the man.

The man was sent to hospital where a doctor said he suffered multiple rib fractures.

Police said that the drivers' actions probably saved the man. "If the injured man, who is in his 50s, was pressed under the car for much longer, it could have led to internal bleeding," the police officer added.

In footage from the accident scene, drivers who joined in the rescue efforts returned to their vehicles shortly after saving the man and drove away, allowing traffic to return to normal.

Traffic police said the accident happened because the driver of the red car, which was turning left, failed to notice and give way to the straight-driving tricycle at the intersection. 

Chinese netizens highly applauded the drivers for their heart-warming behavior, with one professing that "society is full of love". 

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