Man hangs from crane to pick persimmons

A man in Baoding, Hebei Province made use of a crane to pick persimmons from a tall tree on Tuesday.

A video showing a man in Baoding, Hebei Province making use of a crane to pick persimmons from a tall tree amused many Chinese netizens recently.

In the footage, the man can be seen being hung at the top of a tree, while the operator of the crane works scrupulously to help him get the most from his pickings.

The man stood on the edge of the lifting hook and picked persimmons with one hand while holding the crane's wire tightly with the other.

A police officer from the Public Security Bureau of Quyang County told The Paper that such an act was dangerous but not against the law, adding, "what he did was his own business — we had no right to interfere."

Chinese netizens were shocked at the video, with someone saying, "this is really the epitome of a devoted foodie!" 

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