Rushing food delivery guy shatters pizza shop door

A deliveryman from Guangdong Province smashed through a glass door at a pizza house as he rushed in to pick up an order.

We already knew that food delivery was a fast-paced business, but we didn't know some food delivery guys also have super-human strength. 

A deliveryman from Shantou in south China’s Guangdong Province rushed into a Papa John's restaurant at such speed that he shattered the glass door into thousands of pieces while racing to pick up an order on November 26.

As security footage shows, the man was so shocked that he froze for a few seconds, still holding the door frame in his hand as the rest of the door disintegrated. 

Although the restaurant was quite empty at the time, a mother sitting near the door instinctively pulls her son closer as glass comes raining down behind them.

According to staff from the pizza house, the super-human deliveryman suffered no injuries and the door has already been replaced.

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