Motorcyclist ramps up the dramatics to stop police inspection

A motorcyclist from Yunnan Province made a scene in the middle of a street on November 23, in an effort to refuse inspection from a traffic policeman.

A motorcyclist from Pu’er in southwest China’s Yunnan Province tried his best to stop a policeman inspecting his bike using dramatics, but it turned out he wasn't such a good actor. 

The incident happened in the middle of a street on November 23, when a traffic policeman said he needed to inspect a man's motorbike.

As video from the dramatic scene shows, the man suddenly rushed to hold the legs of the traffic officer, making him slip and fall. Then the motorcyclist lay down on the street and said he suffered from high blood pressure.

Police detained him for five days after confirming his blood pressure was at normal level. 

He is also definitely not in the running for this year's Best Actor Oscar.

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