Two strangers turn out to be twins, reunite after 26 years

Two women in Jiangsu Province were reunited with each other as twin sisters 26 years after they were adopted out, thanks to the keen eye of a local police officer.

Two women in Jiangsu Province who look alike turned out to be twins and were united by police after 26 years apart, thanks to the keen eye of a local police officer.

Policemen in Taixing came across the two women, surnamed Pei and Yang, while examining the population information database on November 16 and then suspecting they were one person who was committing identity fraud.

One of the women, Yang, thought a call from police was a telephone scam, but soon contacted police again after verifying the phone call was real.

She said she was adopted and that her father once mentioned that she had a twin sister.

According to the initial investigation, the parents of the twins sent the girls to two different families for adoption within days of birth because they were disappointed about not having a boy.

Yang met Pei with the help of police on November 20. Yang’s 16-month-old daughter even accidentally called Pei "mom" during their meeting. 

The twins presented a banner of appreciation to the local police on December 3 as thanks for helping reunite them.

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