Charming lost toddler stays cute and calm

The two-year-old went out alone but became lost on the busy streets of Lanzhou, looking for his mom. He was soon reunited with his parents at a local police station. 

A two-year-old toddler remained cute and calm after getting lost on the busy streets of Lanzhou in Gansu Province on Wednesday.

He had ventured out into the cold alone but lost his way, keeping his hands firmly in his pockets and looking for his mother.

Onlookers couldn't believe he was just two.

A warm-hearted passer-by took him to a traffic police officer, who called police.

Video posted online shows the boy calm and with his hands in pockets as he looks around for his mother, showing no sign of panic.

He was taken to a nearby police station, where he was reunited with his parents within about half an hour.

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