Urumqi Air suspends hungry stewardess over in-flight feast

Video of the woman shovelling down spare meals after the passengers had been served went viral.

An airline stewardess from Urumqi Air has been grounded after an investigation into a video of her eating extra airline meals on the sly went viral.

The video shot by a passenger appears to show the stewardess lining up the meals and then finishing them off one by one.

Urumqi Air officials confirmed the stewardess worked for the carrier — not Hainan Airlines as was mentioned in the original post.

Duan Ping, an employe  from the innovation and development department of Urumqi Air, said the meals eaten by the stewardess were extras after others had been distributed to passengers.

Duan also said the stewardess had only recently been employed.

The airline said in an online announcement on Thursday that it has suspended the stewardess from duty as punishment, saying she had eaten the extra meals in breach of the proper work flow.

It also pledged to ensure this would not happen again on its planes.

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