Doctor finds live cockroach in man's ear canal

Doctors found a live cockroach about 3 centimeters long in the ear canal of a patient after he reported severe pain.

A man in Shanghai felt severe pain in his ear canal recently and went to a doctor for help, only to find the cause was something of nightmares.

The 35-year-old went to Fengxian District Chinese Medicine Hospital, where the doctor unexpectedly found a live cockroach inside the man's ear canal after closer inspection.

It's reported that the little wriggler came in at a stomach-churning three centimeters in length.

The doctor soon poured alcohol and ear oil in the man's ear canal to paralyze the cockroach, and then used tools to pull it out.

Ma Shengmin, associate chief physician in the hospital's ear, nose and throat department, advised people not to shine flashlights in the ear, or use foreign objects to try and pull the cockroach out themselves, as both of these actions could lead to the insect burrowing in deeper.

A simple way is to pour some warm water into the ear canal to paralyze the cockroach for a while and then head to hospital for extraction, he added.

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