Neighbors hold bed sheets to catch girl from high fall

Fast-acting neighbors at a community in Guangdong Province tried to save a girl who was trapped in window barriers by holding a bed sheet below her.

Fast-acting neighbors at an apartment complex in Guangdong Province held bed sheets to catch a young girl who was hanging from a third floor window and about to fall.

The girl, 4, was dangling from her head which was stuck in security bars outside the window on Monday.

After finding her apartment door was locked, the neighbors quickly assembled below her on the ground floor with sheets to catch her if she fell.

The girl's mother soon arrived to open the door, but the girl's head was wedged between the rails too tightly to free. 

A neighbor used tools to prise the security bars apart while another held the girl by her shoulders.

Thanks to the concerted team effort of the neighbors, the girl was soon freed without injury.

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