Two young girls perform teddy heist

Two girls in Enping, Guangdong Province were captured by CCTV camera cooperating in a teddy heist from a catcher machine.

Two girls in Enping, Guangdong Province were captured on CCTV camera teaming up to steal soft toys from a claw machine game.

They can be seen observing for a while after entering a store on Jincheng Road N, before one of the girls squeezed through the collection window of a claw game to pinch soft toys while the other acted as lookout.

About two minutes later they can be seen carrying a stash of toys out of the store.

The store owner said that, as he thought nobody would steal such things, the claw games were often left in operation without anyone in charge, which gave the girls a prime opportunity.

He also expressed concern that the machines were electrified and may injure people who squeeze into them.

The owner revealed that both of the girls are minors.

Some Chinese netizens criticized the parents of the pint-sized teddy bandits, suggesting they educate their kids. 

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