Heroes join forces to save toddler dangling from building

This is the heart-stopping moment a man leans out of a fourth floor window to save a dangling toddler.

This is the heart-stopping moment a man leans out of a fourth floor window to save a toddler.

The incident happened in Hangzhou at around 11am on Tuesday, according to Metropolitan Express.

The little girl, about 3 years old, climbed out of the balcony and fell on the rain canopy of the third floor while she was alone at home, breaking the plastic on the canopy and becoming wedged.

The heart-stopping situation soon attracted onlookers, as well as a nearby shop owner, surnamed Long.

Long, the brave shop owner.

Long immediately ran upstairs but found the girl's apartment door was locked. He then climbed to her home from the next door neighbor's balcony. Meanwhile, a passing scooter rider who happened to see the incident also rushed to help.

Long tried to grab the girl but he failed to reach her. He then asked the rider to climb from the adjoining apartment to join in the effort.

The scooter rider can be seen climbing from the apartment next door to help save the girl.

Long had the man hold his legs while he dangled upside down out of the window to reach for the baby.

The girl was pulled back to safety by both Long and the rider, but the latter left the scene soon after without leaving his name.

They were not the only heroes on the scene that day.

A neighbor prepared two quits below the girl on the ground floor to catch her if she fell. Another man, recovering from a fracture, also stood below, ready to break the girl's fall if the worst happened.

A woman prepares quits to catch the girl if she fell.

This man was ready to catch the girl if she fell.

Lou, who lives next door to the girl and happened to be at home that day, prepared some tea eggs to thank all the people who joined in the effort to save the girl.

The neighbor next door to the girl prepares tea eggs as a thank you.

The girl and her mother, who left her alone at home while she went to the food market to buy things.

Video from Liaoning TV

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