Woman wears facial treatment mask while driving

Suzhou police were surprised to find a driver wearing a face treatment mask while driving last Friday night.

Suzhou police were shocked to find a woman wearing a facial mask while driving last Friday night, a local news portal reported.

Police officers stopped the car while checking for drunk drivers on Anyuan Road at 7:40pm. But when the car window rolled down, they were surprised to see the facial mask on the driver's face.

The driver explained she lived nearby and that she was hurrying to pick up her daughter, so she left home without taking the mask off first.

Traffic police said her actions were against the law as the mask could become a distraction and lead to her paying less attention to the road conditions.

"If the mask accidentally falls off or turns over during the process of driving, it may frighten the driver or block the driver's view."

Police had a chat with the woman about the dangers and decided to let her off with a warning.

Video from Shanxi TV

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