Chinese man rebukes an expat breaching smoking ban inside subway car

An expat smoking inside a subway carriage in Beijing triggered an angry confrontation with other passengers, who snatched his cigarette and reported him to Metro staff.

An expat behaved aggressively and swore when he was caught smoking inside a subway car on Beijing’s Metro Line 2 on February 24, reported.

According to a short video a passenger on board shot when the incident took place, the expat first ignored when another passenger pointed to the No Smoking sign to him. Shortly afterward, the expat became abusive, swearing loudly to the passenger. Eventually, three other passengers came forward. They snatched his cigarette and extinguished it.

The person who took the video reported the incident to the Metro staff after he got off at his station. He also saw to it that metro staff entered the subway car to investigate his report.

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