Bus driver with a heart warms passengers' hearts

Dong Bin spends his own money to hand out free raincoats to his passengers.

A warm-hearted bus driver in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, hands out disposable raincoats for his passengers who don't carry umbrellas in rainy days, The Paper reported.

A video taken on March 4, 2018, shows Dong Bin giving the raincoats to passengers when they boarded the bus.

Dong, who has a monthly income of around 5,000 yuan (US$789), buys the raincoats himself which cost 2 yuan each.

Since last March, he has presented more than 1,700 raincoats to his passengers. During the process, the bus company once rewarded him 500 yuan which he also used to buy raincoats.

Dong said he felt upset when he saw passengers wet through.

"I'm happy to help others," he said.

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