Netizens make joint effort to rescue family after Weibo suicide note

A Beijing woman in her 20s sent a suicide note on Weibo on May 20, sparking an effort to save her and her family after a suicide attempt.

A woman in her 20s from Beijing sent a suicide note on Weibo on May 20 as her family was allegedly in huge debt. Anxious netizens quickly joined hands to identify the woman and save the family of three from a suicide attempt, reported.

Some of them reported the note online, and one of the woman’s former classmates reported the case to police after failing to hear any further news from her more than four hours later. The note offered their last possible whereabouts as Haikou, capital of south China’s Hainan Province.

The family of three have survived after emergency treatment, and the woman’s father, surnamed Deng, has already been discharged from hospital.

The woman sent a message of thanks yesterday afternoon, including the words “I love this world because of you all” on her Weibo account after she woke up in hospital.

The woman and her parents were unconscious and surrounded by pill cases and suicide notes when local police found them in an apartment in Haikou on the morning of May 21.

According to the Weibo suicide note written around 9pm on May 19, the woman, who graduated from the school of nursing at the Capital Medical University and worked at a hospital emergency room in Beijing, was in great frustration as her father failed in business and left the family in huge debt.

The woman also expressed her gratitude to her friends and colleagues and her enthusiasm towards her job in the note.

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