Performing cook sends swinging noodles over diner's face

One young chef ended up with his tail between his legs after an energetic food performance came to an unexpected finale.

Many diners at a certain hotpot restaurant in China like to use their smartphones — not to snap typical food photos, but to film the exciting moment when cooks skillfully "pull" noodles before their very eyes. 

However, one of them happened to capture something embarrassing when one of the performing cooks at a restaurant in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, sent raw noodles flying across an unsuspecting diner's eyes, Knews reported.

Performing cook sends swinging noodles over diner's face

At first, noodles can be seen skillfully swinging in the air with the rhythmic movements of the young cook.

But his showing off came to an abrupt end when the flying noodles suddenly tangled across a female diner's face and covered her eyes.

The restaurant, a bit red-faced over the incident, provided noodles for the woman's table for free. We just hope they were fresh ones!

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