From the construction site to Internet stardom

An ordinary plasterer has become an Internet celebrity after broadcasting online his writing of calligraphy ...

It's never too late to develop your hobby.

Shi Jianguo, 27, is a plasterer working at construction sites in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. During his spare time he likes to write calligraphy which he learnt by himself in 2014.

He unexpectedly became an Internet celebrity in April after showcasing his talent on short video platform Kuaishou, Nanfang Metropolis Daily reported.

Shi said it is the only hobby he has that helps him relax after a long day at work. 

He began live streaming to netizens while practicing calligraphy at construction sites.

Apart from calligraphy, he's also good at drawing animals such as tigers and eagles using brush pens.

He said his life has changed a lot since becoming popular online.

Invited by the Puyang Painting and Calligraphy Institute, he returned to his hometown in Henan Province on May 10 where he was hired as a distinguished calligrapher and painter.

"I didn't regard myself as an Internet star. I'm just very lucky," Shi said. "Since more and more people are focusing on me, I will improve my skills to create more excellent works."

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