Man faces 10-day detention for wearing wartime Japanese military uniform

A 10-second video showing a man wearing a Japanese military uniform and giving a thumbs-up gesture while riding a motorcycle has shocked netizens.

A man in north China will be detained for 10 days for wearing a wartime Japanese military uniform, and another man will face the same punishment for taking pictures and videos of it and uploaded them online, Tianjin police said on Tuesday.

One of the duo, a 36-year-old surnamed Liu, is a member of a CJ750 motorcycle club. He rode a CJ750 motorcycle on his way to the wedding ceremony of a club member in Hedong District of Tianjin on the afternoon of May 27.

Later, Liu was arranged by the club's organizer, surnamed Zhang, to lead wedding car fleet. Liu tried different poses during his ride, and Zhang took pictures and videos of Liu and uploaded them online.

These images were strongly criticized by netizens. Zhang realized the serious situation and soon deleted all the videos and pictures. 

He also asked Liu to fabricate a lie, who later claimed that he wore the uniform because he was participating in a film before he came, and said it was too late for him to change his clothes.

Liu turned himself in to police on Monday and Zhang was detained the next day. Both of them will be detained for 10 days. Liu was also fined 200 yuan (US$31) for riding a sidecar in an off-limit zone.

Man faces 10-day detention for wearing wartime Japanese military uniform

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