Boy with cerebral palsy perseveres thanks to family and classmates

The story of an elementary school student with cerebral palsy in east China has warmed the hearts of netizens.

Lou holds a flag in preparation for a school sports meet.

The story of an elementary school student with spastic cerebral palsy in east China has warmed netizens’ hearts, not only because of his perseverance but also for the warmth and kindness his mother, classmates and teachers show him, Qianjiang Evening News reported on Thursday.

The boy, surnamed Lou, is an elementary school student in the third grade in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Lou has difficulties walking, and has only been able to talk using simple words since he was a baby. But the determined boy is still never late for class thanks to the help of his mother and grandmother.

“I couldn't accept the truth when I first found out about his disease,” his mother, Ye, said in an emotional voice. “But he is my boy and I never, ever thought of giving up”

Ye began to raise her boy as a single mother — with the help of her own mother — after her husband left. 

Lou and his mother

In 2015, Ye decided to send her son to elementary school. In order to give him a normal environment to grow up, Ye concealed some of the truth.

Luckily, Lou met a group of kind-hearted classmates and teachers. Each day they take good care of him when he encounters difficulties — holding his arm, bringing meals for him, and picking up his things, even though they can’t communicate well with each other. 

Lou often communicates by blinking his eyes.

“I really appreciate the people who help us,” Ye said. “There are many unlucky people in the world besides us, and the only thing we can do is try harder.”

One of Lou's classmates wipes his face during class.

One of Lou's teachers takes him outside during play time.

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