'Chinese Spiderman' scales building with bare hands to save boy

A former soldier in central China risked his own life climbing to a fifth floor apartment to save a toddler who was stuck in a security window on June 6.

A heroic story hit the Internet late last month when a Malian migrant scaled a four-story Paris apartment block with his bare hands to save a child. His actions helped him won a title of "Real Life Spiderman" by media outlets and netizens.

Now we would like to introduce you to our very own "Chinese Spiderman," a former soldier who risked his own life climbing to a fifth floor apartment to save a toddler who was dangling from a security window.

The incident happened in Zhijiang County, Hunan Province, on June 6, the Beijing News reported.

A 2-year-old boy had his neck trapped in the gap of a security window on the fifth floor of a residential building. His body dangled perilously in midair. 

When he realized what was going on, a retired soldier, Zhang Xin, immediately set out to do what he could to rescue the boy.

He knocked on apartment doors from the sixth to the fourth floor of the building, desperately trying to find someone at home. No one answered.

That's when he decided to scale the building to reach the boy.

As amateur footage shows, Zhang pulls himself up from security window to security window with his bare hands, before finally reaching the boy and pulling him to safety.

"Any soldier would do the same if they came across such a situation", the humble man, who once served as a solider in Henan Province for two years, said after the incident.

Police soon arrived at the scene and gained access to the boy's home with the help of a locksmith. They discovered the boy had picked up a knife and was cutting a watermelon.

After waiting for a while, the grandmother of the boy finally returned home. She was told of the situation and warned not to leave the child unattended in the future.

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