Metro staff break wall to save trapped cat

Metro staff in central China broke a wall to save a trapped cat on June 4.

A heart-warming story involving a stuck cat took place in a Metro station in central China on June 4, Knews reported.

Staff at the Yong'antang Station of Metro Line 4 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, began to hear the sound of a cat crying recently but were unable to locate it.

On June 4, they found the voice came from a wall near the ticket machines. The cat, they reckoned, might have run into a gap in the wall when the station was under maintenance and failed to come out after.

To rescue it, staff made a hole in the wall. A cat lover who had joined in the rescue effort used come cat food she had with her to entice the cat to come out through the hole.

Chinese netizens were greatly touched by the story, with one commenting, "Society is a big family and animals are family members too — good job!"

The hole in the wall was soon repaired.

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