Driver stops bus to give umbrella to rain-soaked elderly couple

A bus driver in northwest China stopped her vehicle to give an umbrella to an elderly couple who were drudging through a downpour on June 30.
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Kind people and warm hearts can always be found in bad weather.

One such example came to light on a rainy day in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, on June 30, reported.

A bus driver named Zhao Chunyan came across a granny pushing an old man on a wheelchair amid heavy rain as she was driving her route.

She quickly stopped and asked her colleague Zhang Hui, who was also on board, to get out and give an umbrella to the rain-soaked couple.

Zhao said she always prepared several umbrellas for passengers who didn't have one on rainy days, especially during sudden, unexpected downpours.

The elderly couple were apparently so taken aback by the kind gesture that they didn't even know how to react. As Zhang got back on the bus the elderly couple stood still, staring back with grateful eyes.

SSI ļʱ
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