Food courier takes woman to hospital after failing to help her buy medicine

A food delivery man took a customer to hospital after she left a note on her order begging the man to help her buy medicine.

What would you do if you suddenly suffered a high fever when you were alone at home late at night?

A Chengdu woman decided to ask a food delivery man to help buy some medicine, and what happened later really surprised her.

The woman, surnamed Wu, felt weak all over after becoming ill around 11pm on July 22, Chengdu Economic Daily reported.

She tried to buy some medicine online but found no pharmacy provided a delivery service. That's when she decided to asked a food courier for help.

Wu ordered some food at 12:36am on July 23 and wrote in the comment area that the main purpose of the order was to ask the delivery man to help her buy some medicine. The food was only ordered to express her gratitude.

The courier who received the order was a 27-year-old man from Yunnan named Shi Huiyong.

As soon as he saw the note, he began to search for any pharmacy that was still open. But after riding more than 10 kilometers, he failed to find one.

When Wu called him, Shi told her the situation and apologized.

Finally, Shi found a local hospital where he initially wanted to buy some medicine but was told that only the patient herself can do so.

Shi then rushed to Wu's home and took her to the hospital about 2am.

A photo of the food courier taken by Wu on their way to hospital.

Wu was greatly touched and said in her WeChat Moments, "A food delivery man is taking me to hospital. There are always so many good people in the world. Thank you very much."

After arriving at the hospital, Shi helped Wu find a doctor on duty and waited for her at the hall. He even took her home later.

When Shi finally arrived back home it was already after 3am, three hours later than his work time.

The helpful food courier

But Shi said it wasn't a big deal. "Since I work in the service industry, I try my best to meet my customers' requirements," he said.

It was reported that the delivery platform has honored his behavior.

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