Video of Chinese woman's NZ bungee jump goes viral

A language barrier made for an hilarious encounter between a Chinese woman and staff at a New Zealand bungee jumping location.

Video of a Chinese woman challenging herself to a bungee jump in New Zealand went viral online recently, Yangtze Evening News reported.

The interaction between her and instructors at a Kawarau Gorge bungee jumping location amused Chinese netizens, and it was all because of a language barrier.

When the woman stood on the platform, her face was full of happiness and excitement, which led staff to believe she was ready to jump.

But after they counted down "3, 2, 1" and told her to "jump," the woman unexpectedly kept her perfect preparatory posture and encouraged herself with "jiayou (加油)", a popular Chinese saying used as encouragement when about to undertake a challenge.

She apparently mistook "jump" for "jiayou" and then entered a back and forth "jump!" "jiayou!" screaming match with the crew.

Staff cooperated well with the woman at first, but after a while they had to urge her to jump by explaining their meaning again using motions.

This time, the woman finally understood before performing a successful jump.

Some eagle-eyed netizens noticed one of her shoes fell off during the process, while others saluted the brave woman and said "it must have been an unforgettable experience."

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