'I want to take care of my brother forever'

A young man in southwest China gave up a better college opportunity so that he can go to the same school as his amputee brother and take care of him.

Two brothers in Zhaotong, Yunnan Province, started their university life at the same school on September 3, just as they have in the past, People's Daily reported.

For over a decade the pair have always studied in the same school and same class, enabling the younger man to take care of his brother who has no arms.

Wu Jianzao, 20, had his arms amputated after an electric shock incident when he was just 2 and a half years old. Fortunately he has a thoughtful brother who has become his arms over the years.

Wu Jianzhi, one and a half years younger than his brother, always gets up early every day to help his elder brother get dressed, wash his face, and brush his teeth. He has taken care of his brother in this way since primary school.

Meanwhile, the elder Wu also learnt to write and eat with his feet, facing life with a positive attitude.

They accompanied and encouraged each other, finally gaining university entrance this year.

To continue taking care of his brother, the younger Wu gave up the opportunity to study in a better school and instead chose the same as his brother.

They were both admitted by Zhaotong University in different majors, where they were specially arranged in the same dormitory thanks to help from the faculty.

"I want to take care of my brother forever," the younger Wu said.

The relationship between the two brothers touched a lot of netizens in China, who hope both of the brothers enjoy their study at the university and "enjoy a bright future."

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